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    King's Quest: Sierra’s King’s Quest reboot is bold, beautiful, and barely recognizable

    The Odd Gentlemen creator of whimsical puzzle-platformer The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom is rebooting the beloved King’s Quest series under Activision’s newly resurrected Sierra label. If you’re not familiar, these were games of myth and heroism set millennia ago: a time when harpies hung out with Dracula and that bore Rumpelstiltskin.

    The two constants of King’s Quest were the kingdom of Daventry and its royal family frequently being tasked with saving the world. Fans came to know King Graham, Queen Valanice and their children pretty well across the series, as they pointed and clicked their way through a vibrant fantasy world, pocketing everything that wasn’t nailed down.

    Some of that seems to hold true for The Odd Gentlemen’s stonking 3D reboot, but there are enormous changes going on elsewhere. This King’s Quest swaps pointing and clicking for direct control, adding platforming and timing-based bits, while downplaying the business of hoarding tons of items. It’s still billed as an adventure, but one that fits around the originals rather than wiping the slate clean.
    Graham seems much younger and clumsier
    The episodic adventure begins with an elderly King Graham narrating his youthful adventures to his granddaughter Gwendolyn. Graham seems much younger (and clumsier) here than in the initial game, and we suspect these tales will form an origin story of sorts. We’re promised feats that will shape a kingdom, and a giant dragon and a toothy troll have been glimpsed so far. We’re presuming they need slaying they usually do.

    While the changes are a little concerning, based on what we’ve seen the adventurous, slightly silly spirit of the original King’s Quest  appears intact. Our fears were eased greatly by the news that series creator Roberta Williams has given her seal of approval, so we can’t wait to embark on this gorgeous adventure next fall.

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