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    Rainbow Six Siege: The most productive dead person in videogames strikes again

    A new Clancy game?
    I assume lots of shooting. That kind of depends what kind of player you are or, indeed, what side you find yourself on in this counter-terrorist vs hostage-takers face-off. Going in guns blazing is one (poor) solution, but so is manipulating next-gen destructible environments (drop through the ceiling!) or, as revealed in a recent developer blog, using next-generation leaning.

    But what does that even mean?
    as the brilliantly named Chase straight explained in his regular dev blog, Rainbow Six Siege will let you lean out even if you’re not actually behind anything to get a better angle on things, although when performed out in the open it looks a bit like you’re trying to get water out of your ear.  There’s also an emphasis on full player control at all times.

    Full control ? am i the Puppet master ?
    Not exactly… it just means that there aren’t any cutscenes sorry, “contextual cinematic animations” to interrupt the flow of the game. even smaller actions, such as the animation of putting up reinforcements, can be paused if you need to take out someone in the room. it’s a pretty important addition for a fast-paced online multiplayer game.

    Online multiplayer, you say?
    Yep. You’ll be either attacking or defending in a capture the flag-like scenario but instead of a flag, it’s a hostage. What’s more, they have their very own ai that means they’re not always satisfied with letting themselves be kidnapped. They’ll call out for help, hide from explosions and so on. flags are just so last-gen.

    So it’s Call of Duty, then?
    not even close it’s much more sophisticated. We’ve seen six classes three for each team which rely on offensive, defensive and specialised weapons and gadgets. a minute is allocated at the start of each round to set up reinforcements, defences, booby traps and recon drones. We’re looking forward to Siege invading our homes later this year. Just not literally.

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