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    Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, Schooling the Undead in a world of pain

    Sweet, sweet, oh-so-moreish pain. That’s From Software’s demon-duffing raison d’être. “The ecstasy when overcoming difficulties,” is the quality Yui Tanimura believes is central to the enduring, almost nihilistic appeal of surviving in Drangleic. The From director reveals the decision to bring the vicious fantasy land to PS4 was green lit last spring, during the making of the recent Crown DLC trilogy. Prepare to suffer on a new level…

    This HD remaster of Dark Souls II ups the challenge through new excruciating means. Firstly, you’ll have to contend with the titular Scholar Of The First Sin baddie (just imagine what detention with that sod would be like). Joining certain factions is more punishing, too side with the Covenant Of Champions and enemies will respawn indefinitely.
    “Not all tweaks will make you weep salty tears onto your touchpad.”
    Not all of the tweaks will make you weep salty tears onto your touchpad. White Phantoms are no longer bound by a time limit when helping other players with bosses, while the game’s lore is extended through added item text. PS3 players also get to join in the flagellating fun, as these current-gen changes are being patched into the original.

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