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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance, An RPG gets real

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance has a much different premise than many role-playing games. Forget the fantasy your quest is based in a world without dragons, elementals, or magic. The first person title places the player in the role of a young blacksmith in Medieval Europe, and you have the chance to engage in traditional roles like the combatintensive knight, stealthy rogue, and bard with a silver tongue. Whatever path you choose to take through the tale, don’t expect to see any elves or magic rings to assist you along the way. Everything is rooted as close to reality as possible for an RPG, with a focus on historical accuracy.

    As in many RPGs, you have the option to explore, craft, level up skills, and interact with the many NPCs around you. You can follow one of several paths through the tale, and choose to engage with the world in multiple ways, from traditional “good guy” to more deceptive, duplicitous, or shady options.

    Dialogue trees form some of the backdrop of character development, and despite three clearly defined “classes,” players are free to mix their points around each as their abilities develop based on their actions.

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance aspires toward an open-world with many choices and combat inspired by actual 15th century techniques. The concept is novel, but we won’t know if it delivers on its potential until the game comes to PC and other platforms down the line.

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