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    Landmark: Freeform fantasy

    While EverQuest Next is still far on the horizon, many of the systems that will end up creating the world of Sony Online Entertainment’s next big MMORPG can be found in Landmark. When we first got a taste of Landmark it was a very Minecraft-centric experience players would stake a claim on some land and go out and harvest various resources to craft things and build amazing creations. Today, Landmark is well on its way toward becoming a full-fledged MMORPG of its own, with caves to explore, treasures to find, and monsters to fight. Without NPCs, questing, or developer provided tales, the freeform environment is becoming a robust user playground that goes far beyond architectural oriented beginnings.

    Players can now craft, find, and equip weapons that dictate abilities and playstyles. While there isn’t a class system behind the combat like there will be in EverQuest Next, players can choose from a selection of classic RPG archetypes: the slow, heavy two-handed sword, poisonous daggers, buffing/healing wands, and tanky sword and board. Alongside the weaponry is armor of all kinds and keywords.

    You need these new weapons to take on the monsters that have begun to trickle into Landmark. While only a few of them are currently in the game, each has a different skillset designed to challenge players as they search for relics and treasure throughout the world. Looking to do a little exploring? Prime up a pulverizer and dig deep under the surface layers, blowing up rock and dirt to shoot your way right into a cave system full of valuable loot. Large caverns and buried ruins await the most curious of explorers, full of goodies and monsters waiting for adventurers to come calling. While players were essentially invulnerable when Landmark began, death and falling damage are part of the game now, so you have to be aware of your surroundings. Monster loot can be broken down for raw materials, facilitating a playstyle that eschews traditional mining and harvesting, and they can also drop valuable crafting recipes. There’s nothing like coming home to your decked-out claim after battling some monsters, and enjoying some respite at your fully decorated encampment.

    If hunting monsters or hauling ore to make fantastic buildings isn’t your thing, players can also opt to battle each other in PvP in a variety of arenas and battle zones.

    Landmark is a staging ground for many of the components that will make their way into EverQuest Next, but it’s also a game all its own. If you’re looking for a freeform MMORPG without any of the story or NPC narrative, this is a fantastic option to check out as it continues to add heaps of content this year.

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