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    Silence: The Whispered World 2, dare to delve once more into the poignant world of stillness

    Developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment is not a studio you are likely to know off-hand, though it is certainly one that is quickly building a reputation for itself, especially when it comes to adventure games. With titles like Edna and Harvey, Deponia and Memoria to its name, the German developer has become known for creating compelling worlds and plots, a style which 2009’s The Whispered World firmly maintained. Despite its flaws, including poor English voice-acting and some really arbitrary puzzles, the game was generally well received, with beautiful visuals and a narrative that could somehow be both sorrowful and humorous.

    Silence: The Whispered World 2 appears to be a game built in the same vein as its predecessor. With players once again returning to the land of Silence, the sequel will feature 16 year old Noah (the protagonist of the first game) and his sister Renie escaping from an air raid into the world of dreams, though the intervening years have seen it become ravaged by war and monsters.

    Transitioning from the traditional 2D format of adventure games into 3D, Silence looks to be a visually stunning title, with Daedalic using a method they have named “camera projection” to place gorgeous 2D artwork into the title. Like the original, Silence will also feature a strong focus on its narrative, with the developers promising that puzzles will seek to drive the plot forward rather present barriers to its continuation. To this end the game will eschew the usual inventory in favour of entirely contextual solutions that Daedalic are claiming will be “kept on a logical, comprehensible level”, perhaps a lesson learnt from past criticisms.

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