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    Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance, That’s Numberwang!

    The Netherworlds Are shattered. The Prinnies are running wild. Souls of the damned are all over the place, and the Void Dark encroaches on the Netherworld, threatening to absorb everything into its inky nothingness. Only you can stop it you, the cocky young upstart who harbors powers in his body comparable to an Overlord. Only you, Killia, who seeks revenge on the Void Dark can unite the Netherrealms and bring down the perpetual evil that threatens to swallow it.

    So far, so Disgaea, right? That might sound like a heavier story than one you’d expect from a series that, so far, has spun tales about a kid trying to take over a  school for lost souls, or a guy that wants to be more than just a penguin wrangler, but hey we’re expecting Disgaea 5 to at least take the edge off the story with its crazy cast and crew. So far, a princess of the ‘Gorgeous Underworld’ running away from a political marriage, has been revealed, along with the demon queen of Rabbit World a place where giant rabbit-like Prinnies seem to be the only occupants.

    The fifth canon installment in the SRPG series promises to take full advantage of the PS4’s improved hardware, and in a way that only developer Nippon Ichi could think of: the game is going to have battles featuring over 100 enemies on-screen at once. Now considering the last game couldrender 10 maximum, that’s a pretty hefty step up. When you also consider the plot synopsisfor Disgaea 5 mentions ‘The Lost’ an army of over one million soldiers destined to follow the Void Dark to their doom then you begin to get an idea of the battles you'll be taking part in.
    In the midst of this 50-on-50 combat (!), it’s likely you’ll need a little clarification on who can attack what and who’s immune to who. Luckily, Nippon Ichi has listened to fan feedback from the last game (a little bit, at least) and decided to slightly overhaul the fairly inaccessible, screen-dominating UI. this time, there’ll be an extra tab on the screen detailing a unit’s strengths and weaknesses when you hover over them something that required dipping into menus to find before. It sounds like a small addition, but when you are lobbing elemental blocks left, right and center, you will be happy it’s there.There are some as-yet undisclosed ‘new systems' being incorporated into the game, too.

     We can safely assume these will be new ways to form alliances outside of battle replacing the ‘Classroom’ and ‘Government’ mechanics of Disgaea 3 and Disgaea 4 respectively. There’ll also no doubt be something similar to the ‘Reverse Pirating’ system found in Disgaea 4 that is, a new way of going into your weapons and finding more powerful gear within them. Other than that, the game is flush with new classes  alongside all the returning Prinnies, mages and cat-things you love.

     Nippon Ichi stated a couple of months back that it’s taken a gamble releasing the game only on PS4 it was originally going to go multi-platform with the release. If the game doesn't see impressive enough sales, it could be the last Disgaea to make the transcontinental leap, and that would be a tragedy for the SRPG scene and Disgaea fans alike. At least Alliance Of Vengeance looks good enough to inspire some pretty good sales, then.

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