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    Final Fantasy XIV: An MMO Reborn again

    Square Enix’s second foray into the MMO genre got off to quite the rocky start. Full  of over-complicated battle systems and plenty of bugs, it was critically panned after launch in 2010.

    However, producer Naoki Yoshida stepped up to the director’s chair, Phoenix Down  in hand, and rejuvenated the game by starting over with a completely fresh slate and relaunching it as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in 2013.

    Thankfully the revamp did the trick, the title becoming a successful MMO in its own right as well as another cracking entry in the series.

    Set in the enchanting world of Eorzea, which is under threat by the invading Garlean Empire, it’s up to you as an adventurer and hero of light to bring the three Eorzean states together and make a united push against the empire. Of course things are never quite that simple: there are dungeons to dive into, beast tribes to best, and gigantic summoned primals to punish on your way to victory.

    Filled with rich, varied locations, a colourful cast and plenty of classic Final Fantasy throwbacks such as being able to climb the Crystal Tower of FFIII and fighting various classic monsters, it’s a fantastic world to get lost in on PS4, and it’s made all the better by being able to do so with friends. The community is unparalleled in its friendly, helpful nature and the game is constantly being updated to this day. It’s also easily playable with a pad on PS3 and PS4, making it a perfect way to get stuck into your first MMO.

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