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    Hotline Miami 2: Pro Tips

    1 - Learning when to go in loud is crucial. Shotguns may be good for clearing out the odd room of white-suited evil doers, but that first shell you fire will alert anyone within earshot. Thanks to some stingy reload times with the shotty, there’s just no way you’re going to put down more than three or four men before meeting your pixelated maker. For heavily populated areas, the best tactic is always to go quiet. Lean on isolating enemies from their groups and taking them out with melee attacks. Once the crowds have been thinned out a little and you’re only dealing with a few spaced out packs of goons, feel free to shift the tectonic plates with ear-splitting gunfire.

    2 - Not every foe will go down at the mere swing of a baseball bat. Indeed, the barrel-chested heavies are impervious to all melee attacks… well, unless you’re playing as Tony (the tiger mask). The only way to kill these burly buggers is with guns. Shotguns usually stop them dead, yet if you’re using a pistol or assault rifle, prepare to empty a large clip into these muscled menaces.

    3 - Bad dog! Pooches in Hotline miami 2 aren’t just inclined to sick balls, they’re also partial to fetching the remains of your oesophagus. You don’t want to let a dog get a good run at you; they’re absolute speed demons in full flight. The best tactic is observing their four-legged patrols, then pouncing when they turn a corner. If meleeing, smaller weapons (glass shards etc) are quicker and more effective at putting Fido down.

    4 - Not to sound like The Wire’s Avon Barksdale, but you gotta work the corners. Strategically luring in enemies by engaging, then swiftly breaking line of sight is the single most important strategy to master. Out in the open, you’ve got little chance against winning a tussle with multiple men, but by quickly peeking out from a corner and running back, you’re granted an excellent opportunity to ambush baddies in quick, deadly fashion. This homicidal hide-and-seek isn’t without risk, though. When dealing with armed opponents you have to be extra diligent only to pop out from your corner hidey hole for a brief time exposing yourself for even an extra millisecond or two is often all it takes to eat an unwanted bullet. Still, master the art of enticing enemies around corners and you’ll quickly start to make mincemeat of those posses who were once so intimidating.

    5 - Windows are not your friend. Passing by one instantly gives away your position to any dastards standing on the other side as they can easily see you, and in Wrong Number’s universe, there is no such thing as bulletproof panes. If you really must pass the glass, proceed with caution. The best tactic is to gingerly approach a window, knowing exactly where to shoot before exposing yourself. It’s always a good idea to pan the camera around with the left trigger to get an idea of the layout of a level to spot glassy traps before you storm in.

    6 - Who’d have ever thought the humble door could be such a lethal slaughtering device? With the right timing, a heavily swung wooden frame can flatten an opponent, giving you time to break out a crushing curb stomp or throat slash. The key to using doors properly is to closely observe enemy routes. In most smaller rooms, guards will merely circle the perimeter indefinitely. As soon as they pass the door, barge in, and you’ll instantly stun them for a few seconds. This is not only great for setting up a finisher, but also useful for putting armed baddies on their keister. Despite all the swinging chaos, door takedowns are silent, too. Just be careful when trying to deliver the killing blow: the animations for headslams and the like often take a few seconds, which is more than enough time for that floored fool’s buddy to clock what’s going on and annihilate you.

    7 - Of all the delicious killing tools at your disposal, there’s none more adaptable or useful than the silenced pistol. Providing a one-shot kill for any enemy outside of heavies, this sneaky gun is perfect for clearing out dudes from range without any of their pals being alerted. Thanks to some limited AI, enemies won’t bat an eyelid at their chums falling to the ground thanks to a muffled bullet. Oh so satisfying to fire and great for predatory playthroughs, you’d be well advised to pick these pistols up after you’ve slain their owners.

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