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    JetStream GTX 960

    Within the hardware industry there is a lot of noise, competitors constantly try to outdo each other with products that are extremely similar, building up brand awareness, and hopefully loyalty, by prompting good user experiences. And generally the people that make the most noise get the most attention.

    In South Africa, one particular manufacturer of graphics cards hasn’t been making a lot of noise, and yet despite that their offerings are really rather good. While brands like MSI and Asus have been doing their utmost to draw attention to their admittedly excellent products, Palit have been (locally, at least) very quiet. And yet, when put toe-to-toe with its competitor, the Palit JetStream GeForce GTX 960 is the fastest graphics card in its class. Yes, you read that correctly… despite little fanfare, this card outstrips products from other manufacturers when it comes to raw performance.

    That said, it runs a little warmer and a little louder than its competitors, but not at a level that is problematic. The added heat and noise are, truth be told, hardly noticeable without monitoring equipment, and shouldn’t prove to be a problem for any but the most finicky of users. In truth, the JetStream is an excellent card in the GTX 960 weight class.  And it comes in at a comparatively nice price, too.

    Armed with 2GB of VRAM, the JetStream GTX 960 purrs along quite beautifully when not under load. Once it takes some strain, things get a little louder, but never become invasive to the gaming experience. The cooling system is really effective, too, keeping temperatures well within safe ranges under load. Using a proprietary. Modified fan blade system, the JetStream GTX 960 features two fans that spin in opposing directions, creating a massive air-flow that is swept away thanks to optimised construction.

    The card also comes armed with Palit’s proprietary Thunder Master overclocking utility, which will allow users to safely and effectively overclock their JetStream GTX 960 without going too deep under the hood (unless they want to).

    The card, which follows a plainer aesthetic than some others in its class, yet still manages to look good, is fully 4K capable… in fact, it can run two 4K monitors at the same time, for a great graphics performance.

    All-in-all, this is a fantastic graphics card. Its performance is really top notch.

    Just because a name isn’t prominent in the territory that you find yourself inhabiting doesn’t mean that the products associated with it are poorer; this card stands testament to that. And while the competition keeps on banging drums and yelling loudly, the Palit JetStream GTX 960 gets down to what’s important… smooth, fast, reliable graphics performance.


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