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    Persona 5: It’s what’s on the inside that counts as school is back in session

    After teasing us for far too long with nothing more than a set of five cryptic chairs and ball and chains (balls and chains? Balls and… oh, you get the point), Atlus is finally starting to make things a little clearer regarding what’s actually happening in Persona 5.

    Set in Tokyo, the latest entry in this effortlessly stylish JRPG series revolves around the stoic, nameless protagonist and his relationship with a mysterious, phantom thief. Things are definitely not quite what they seem though, as the hero’s cool demeanour is actually a ruse to hide his internal struggles, and once he dons a mask he becomes someone else entirely.

    That internal battle will be a key part of the game, as if you don’t keep yourself in check it could affect everything else around you. We’ve seen our hero locked away behind bars, with game director Katsura Hashino calling it a ‘spiritual prison’ of sorts. Just who or what will be in control while he’s imprisoned is yet to be revealed. Will the way we play change depending who’s in charge at any given time? The prospect of this split personality and the mechanics involved sure is an intriguing one… *strokes chin*

    Thief In The Night
    Fans can expect the usual level of dedication to slick presentation, the return of the social link feature which deepens your relationships with other characters (including an adorable transforming cat), and to delve deep into randomly generated dungeons. However, this time out we’ll also have set areas to contend with, featuring all new mechanics and what looks like a bit of stealthing and cover involved.

    Combat is also set to have a twist on the usual turn-based formula, with our heroes donning superhero-style outfits and wielding a variety of long-range guns to accompany their regular arsenal. While there are sure to be plenty of classic series monsters on show we’ve yet to see anything of the actual summonable Persona creatures themselves, but no doubt atlus will be looking to evolve things in this respect also. The only internal struggle we’ve got is waiting for this to hit shelves…

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