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    Ride: Superbike Simulation

    Milestone is the sort of developer that we truly respect. Not for its contribution to building the Xbox platformor to the wider gaming industry like we might Turn 10 or Bungie but because it knows what it does best, and refuses to buckle in the face of adversity. And when we say adversity, we mean people on Reddit moaning that its games are too difficult.

    You see, Milestone’s jam is simulation racers. It likes to dive into the rally and superbike corners of motorsport, and create the ultimate racing experiences. They often require you to have an almost spiritual connection with your Xbox gamepad, nudging the triggers and gliding your fingers over the thumbsticks with instinctual precision. RIDE–Milestone’s first attempt at bringing superbike simulation to the Xbox One is no different. Is it as exclusive as always? Hells yes it is, but that’s part of its charm.

    If you’ve ever had the opportunity to lay your hands on a MotoGP game in the past, RIDE will feel familiar, though Milestone has fine-tuned many of the more irksome mechanics. The variety bikes stick tightly to the tracks and the pushing through corners at speed don’t feel as erratically unforgiving as it has done in the past.

    So, does RIDE have the potential to become Forza Motorsport on two wheels? We aren’t quite convinced. True to Milestone form, the overall presentation could do with a little more polish. While it’s been given a welcomed coat of next-gen paint; the techy simand bike customisation aspects of RIDE re still monstrously mind warping. Unless you know bikes better than you know yourself, you may struggle to understand and execute some of the finer details.

    But that’s why you’re buying into this type of racing simulation game, right? If you just want to mess around on a fast bike and tear up some city streets while burning through red lights, play GTA. If you want to feel the rumble of a bike engine tearing through your rib cage, if you want to take every corner knowing it could be the last your little virtual driver ever sees, then there’s RIDE.

    As with most Milestone racing games, we’ll have to wait until launch to see whether the usual technical glitches and bugs let down the entire experience but, for now at least, RIDE is coming together exactly as we expected. A racing simulation that will infuriate and upset the masses, but will give an ever-expanding group of bike fanatics a reason to get up when it’s too cold and rainy to don a helmet and ride out on the roads for real.

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