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    The Phantom Pain is so close you can taste the Collector’s Edition…

    MGS V finally has a release date, so stealth fans better get their calendars cleared for when Big Boss gate-crashes the party on 1 September. To celebrate launch those same Metal-heads will be able to garnish their living quarters with exclusive Day One and Collector’s Edition goodies.

    The latter of these comes with a half-scale replica of Snake bionic arm, perfect for scratching your nethers, a steelbook case, documentaries and a map, as well as unique packaging which looks like it’d smell amazing. you know what we’re talking about: that fresh-out-of-the-box whiff. mmmmmm…
    “Metal-heads will be able to garnish their living quarters with exclusive day one goodies”
    There’s also enough additional in-game content with this edition to sink Big Shell, including unique cardboard box designs and costumes, as well as weapons and riot shield varieties. all of this will infiltrate your wallets for a solid £100. meanwhile, over in asia, a copy of the game will come bundled with a swish, limited edition PS4 console, modelled and coloured in the fashion of Snake’s aforementioned robo-limb. The DualShock 4 which comes with this machine will also be bespoke, featuring the Diamond Dog insignia. Time for a sad face: there haven’t been any details on a possible Western release for this machine as yet.
    The PC version will arrive two weeks later on 15 September. But we want it now!
    Series creator Hideo Kojima, famous for being brilliant and for constantly saying that whichever metal Gear he’s working on will be his last, has said… wait for it… that this will be his last metal Gear. The dev who cried wolf? Wait. There’s a wolf in MGS V?! Conspiracy confirmed!

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