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    What’s Bethesda up to? Speculating on Bethesda’s next game? The Skyrim’s the limit…

    What’s the story ?
    Bethesda is doing its very first E3 conference this year. Hosted on 14 June it falls before Ubisoft, EA and Microsoft’s showcases. That’s one hell of a bold statement, Bethesda… you must have something really big planned. Like, maybe, a new Fallout game, which we’ve been hyping up pretty much since Fallout 3’s release.

    Why should I care?
    Bethesda is home to some prolific titles let’s put aside that Rogue Warrior blip – but has put out very few of them in recent years. Going on estimated development cycle times, we’re due new instalments in several huge series with many rumours suggesting that acquired studios may speed up the process even further. Games a-go-go!

    What happens next?
    Now begins the gruelling wait for 14 June , but we can definitely speculate we’re all about speculation. Bethesda has an impressive back catalogue, but it’s pretty certain that it’ll be releasing a sequel rather than a completely new intellectual property. Enough of that, though, let’s get a-speculatin’!

    Dishonored 2
    Allegedly named darkness of tyvia, the sequel to Arkane’s steampunk stabathon is rumoured to focus on the child empress all growned up - presumably with a few nasty tricks borrowed from former guardian Corvo. Yes please!

    Doom 4
    Colleagues lucky enough to see 2014’s QuakeCon footage rave about it to this day. We want to see a man open a door with a severed hand, too, dammit! We imagine our gruesome wish will be bethesda’s command come E3.

    The elder scrolls online
    Oh please let it not be this one teso is looking wildly disappointing, with delays and patches coming out the fantasy wazoo. the only good thing bethesda could announce is that it set it on fire.

    Skyrim 2
    We never tire of climbing mountains with the world’s most vertically skilled horse, but could the elder scrolls return so soon after skyrim? rumours that fallout 4 is being handled by a new studio make it doable. Wait and see…

    Fallout 4
    leaked scripts suggest the next limb-exploding jaunt through the Wasteland is well on the way and will be set in boston. the city that puts the ‘aah’ in ‘aargh’, it’s the perfect historical fit for our most wanted game. 

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