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    Gacha Games PC Version Coming Soon This 2020

    Here at Games.lol, we always update our games library with the best of the best in the handheld platform. To be honest, creating direct PC ports of popular mobile games takes a long time. This time around, we are excited to bring you the best mobile gacha games onto your PC WITHOUT the need for an emulator! That’s right; you can play any gacha game directly onto your PC, complemented with custom controls and higher resolutions. Without further ado, here are the best gacha games you’ll finally be able to play soon on your PC.

    Fate/Grand Order

    fgo pc
    Fate/Grand Order is definitely one of the most popular gacha games to ever grace in any gaming platform. After all, it did become the most talked-about game in 2018 on Twitter instead of Fortnite! And now, Fate Grand Order PC will become a reality. So why is it so popular? Because the game has a supremely engaging turn-based combat, a wonderful story to take part in, and, most of all, FGO is littered with best waifus and husbandos! Now you’ll get to experience FGO on PC soon!

    Azur Lane

    azur lane pc

    Men and women of culture know that the best ship waifus are found in Azur Lane for PC. If there is a prime example of pro-consumer gacha, it’s this game. Even without spending money, you still get rewarded with SSR ships and legendary items to boost your favorite waifu! Also, the game is loosely based on the Pacific theatre of war from 1939-1945.

    Girls’ Frontline

    girls frontline pc

    So, what happens when real-life weapons such as an AK47 and AR-15 become beautiful anthropomorphic waifus? You get Girls’ Frontline! With a military-style J-RPG formula and so many gun girls to collect, this game is certainly banging when it comes to gameplay and visuals (and also your wallet if you don’t mind being a whale). Now, get to experience the hustle of Girls Frontline on PC.

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    fire emblem heroes pc

    Nintendo’s long-running turn-based RPG finally got its own free to play gatcha in 2016 called Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s a non-canon spin-off that serves as nothing more than a fun casual gacha-based RPG with an easy-to-use interface, wonderful visuals and engaging combat. Familiar faces such as Lucina, Ike, and Camilla are all here! Fire Emblem Heroes on PC? Yes, please!

    Granblue Fantasy

    granblue fantasy pc

    Highly regarded for its amazing story, epic-scale soundtrack and iconic characters, Granblue Fantasy still lives on as one of the best F2P gacha games in the market. Going 5 years strong, Granblue Fantasy still retains the same fantastic combat, generous gacha pulls and awesome visuals. Especially at its current state, the turn-based J-RPG has vastly improved in terms of gameplay and gacha pull probabilities for SSR characters and items. Oh, and its global server is always on the latest patch with Japan! And now, you can get to play Granblue Fantasy directly on PC.

    Other Gacha Games Soon…

    Food Fantasy

    Love Live School Idol Festival



    Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

    Stay tuned for more gacha games coming soon to PC! Don’t forget to visit games.lol when these games become available for desktop!

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