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    Know the Best Moves in Vector

    Take your avatar to the next level and learn all the best moves to upgrade yourself and win the game! Discover the best moves in Vector!

    Vector is a game inspired by a dystopian society where the players take the silhouette man as their avatar. This man is sick of how the government runs the society so when he had the chance to move on and escape, he did it! Of course, they do not approve of his actions so someone has to go after him—Big Brother! This thrilling character will have you on the edge of your seat and will bring out the best moves in you! Get in the action as you witness real-life parkour moves and stunts.

    What are the Best Moves in Vector?

    This is the compilation of the best moves in parkour! Watch closely as you see your character do these moves in the game! Join the fun and action with these moves:
    1. Rail Flip
    2. Vault Backflip
    3. Double-Spin
    4. Vault Handspring to Roll
    5. Barrel Vault
    6. Cheat Gainer
    7. Bar Backflip
    8. Swallow
    9. Screwdriver
    10. Air Bomb
    11. Flying Arrow
    12. Air Spin
    13. Flying Arrow
    14. Thief Vault Reverse
    15. Vault Dash to Frontflip
    16. Dive Down
    17. Side Flip
    18. Jump Wheel
    19. Bar Jump
    20. Double Back
    21. Jump Down Roll

    We want to warn you that the moves that you see in Vector are for entertainment purposes only. Please do not try the moves unless you have sufficient training. Even professionals took a long time to master these moves, and you should not risk hurting and injuring yourself for the sake of trying out these moves. Always proceed with caution when you try these moves especially when you have no prior experience doing them.

    Know that with this game, the best moves in Parkour also comes from real-life parkour skills! If it piqued your interest in the game, try checking out the real-life parkour skills in Vector. Who knows, this might be the start of a real-life parkour experience! Download Vector and join in the fun

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