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    Krunker.io Hacked Features

    Krunker.io hacked gives a player an edge in the overall krunker.io game play. Krunker.io game is an online first person shooter battle game.
    Krunker.io is an online first person shooter battle game which has become very popular among Io games funs. The players are put into the boots of a pixel fighter. As a player, your aim is to bet all your enemies. It is not easy to survive in the game because other players who are also fighting at their best to win. That is why you can always use krunker.io hacked to help you.

    It Helps You Get Through Difficult Levels

    Getting through some levels of the game can be very difficult. But you should not worry because there is the hacked version. Krunkerio hacked version will greatly help you scale through the game with relative ease. Krunker.io hacked version can help you in many ways. It comes with extra powerful features that can greatly benefit you.
    When playing krunker.io hacked, you will have more control particularly over the speed of your character. You can more very fast or at the pace that you desire depending on your target.

    krunker.io hacked

    Krunker.io Hacked Features

    Krunker.io hacked comes with extra useful features that can help enhance the entire gaming experience. Here are some of the features you will get from krunker.io hacked game.
    • No Fire Limit
    • Speed Hack
    • Auto Reload
    • Firebot
    • Auto Weapon Swap
    • Aim Through Walls
    • Show FPS
    • Custom Aim Settings
    • Scope Range of Weapons
    • Zoom Range of Weapons
    • BunnyHop
    • Fast Healer
    • Auto Respawn
    • Auto Aim
    • No Recoil
    • Player Tracers
    • Speed Hack
    • ESP Text Color
    • Auto Aim Range
    ESP: This is a great feature as it provides you with your entire opponent’s information. It gives you the information about the health and distance of your opponent. It also provides you with details about your opponent’s weapon and ammo left. Besides, you will also know the name of the player.
    Bhop or bunny hop: Krunker.io hacked provides Bhop, which is a feature that makes you invincible. This feature gives you in-game speed. Besides, it makes it very difficult for your enemies to shoot you immediately and in one spot.
    Auto Aim: Krunker.io hacked also comes with Auto Aim, which is a feature that gives the player auto targeting advantage. This feature helps you to auto target your rivals in the game so you can shoot without missing.
    Trigger Bot: This feature lets you shoot automatically at your enemies when you are around the enemy zone. All you need to do is to hold down an assigned key and you will be able to shoot automatically.
    No Recoil: This feature lets you kill your rivals more effortlessly by ensuring that your weapon doesn’t backfire.
    Aim Through Wall: This feature allows you to target your enemies behind the walls.
    Krunkerio Hacked (needs tampermonkey or others below)
    VirusTotal Scan: Krunker.io Hacked
    You have to delete other krunker.io extensions!
    Version Updated: December 20, 2019

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