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    Krunker.io Weapons Guide

    Krunker.io weapons are the primary means of the damage and enable users to deal the damages to the other users, and the game contains a wide variety of the weapons of the game.

    Description Of Krunker.io Weapons

    Krunker.io is a 3d first-person shooter with the dozes of the weapons and the many enemies that will try to score to defeat the enemies in the battle. This is the tactical and the arena-based shooter and you have to select your weapon, armor and the color. And then defeat others player to gain the points in the game with the help of krunker.io weapons and to gain the score points in the game use points to unlock perks and the other special abilities. As you gain the points by the damaging the other player then the perks are unblocked and the weapons are used to gain the points in the game to damage the other player by which you score the points.

    krunker.io weapons

    Strategies To Use Krunker.io Weapons

    You can use the objects on the map as cover from the enemy fire and so pay attention to your opponents they will have to reload once they have run out of the ammo, you can use these tactics for the advantages. There are the different perks which used together to suit your play style in the game and some of the players prefer the aggressive run and run approach. The use of the weapons and speed are very important to gain the score points in the game with the help of krunker.io weapons.
    • Assault Rifle
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Submachine Gun
    • Machine Gun
    • Shotgun
    • Revolver
    • Semi Auto
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Akimbo Uzi
    • Combat Knife
    • Crossbow
    • Famas
    Keep in mind always that heavier weapons will slow down your movement speed and the smaller weapons or the lighter armor types allow you to travel quickly in the game and by the krunker.io weapons you can choose the most suitable weapons which are accurate to play the game.

    Weapons Of Krunker.io Game

    Krunker.io gameplay is as simple but the fun call of the duty esque the shooter that allows for the fast-paced into your browser. The controls of the game are tight and health bars are the small and making of it more COD style shooter than a battlefield style shooter.
    There are the six playable character each with their own weapons and these krunker.io weapons are the loadouts, including a sniper rifle, a revolver, a shotgun, an LMG, an SMG, and an assault rifle and with very in the way of camping spots for the snipers.

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