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    Mope.io All Evolutions List

    What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase mope.io all evolutions? Well, if you are not new to his popular first person shooter game, then I bet you already know that all animals in mope.io game are supposed to evolve from one animal to another and to become more developed and stronger.

    Mope.io All Evolutions

    The playable characters in mope.io game are animals. All players start as a Chipmunk, mouse or Shrimp. Whatever animal you start as, your aim should be to evolve and become the most developed animal in the arena.
    As a mouse, a Chipmunk or a Shrimp, you need to strive to eat a lot of food for you to evolve into other, more developed, stronger animals as the game continues. Dying as anything in addition to a mouse will let your next run to start with less experience.
    It’s worth noting that animals also need to drink water regularly so that they don’t become dehydrated. If you don’t drink water, you will become dehydrated and you will grow weaker. This will make you an easy target for other players and you will also not be able to destroy your opponents and feed on the remains as competitively a s you would have if you had been drinking plenty of water.

    mope.io all evolutions

    Animals usually explode into meet when they are dehydrated. So, if you don’t drink enough water, you may end up exploding as meat other animals will feed on you, enjoy your meat and grow stronger as you are defeated and dead.
    Black Dragon is the current major, final evolution in the game of mope.io. So, mope.io all evolutions end at Black Dragon. Once you become the Black Dragon, you will be immune to things like fire, lava and so on. Actually, destroying you will be next to impossible as all animals will try to avoid you by literally running away from you when you charge against them.
    As you evolve from a simple animal to a bigger stronger one, you earn more XP points, which propel you towards winning the game.

    Tips for Evolution

    • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated at all times. You will be dehydrated if you don’t drink enough water and you might drop down as meat for other animals.
    • Avoid focusing on destroying your opponents at the beginning of the game. Instead, focus on eating more food so that you can become stronger and bigger.
    This is mope.io all evolutions list:
    ShrimpChipmunkKangaroo Rat
    250RabbitPigeonTroutArctic HareDesert Chipmunk
    62.1KFoxPeacockJellyfishArctic FoxFennec Fox
    87.9KCheetahSnowy OwlStingrayWolfWarthog
    915KCobraToucanPufferfishSnow LeopardHyena
    1028.5KBearPelicanSwordfishWalrusGobi Bear/
    1154KCroc/LionFalconOctopusPolar BearVulture
    13250KHippo/Boa ConstrictorOstrichKiller WhaleSabertooth TigerKomodo Dragon
    14500KElephant/Giant SpiderCassowaryBlue WhaleMammothBlackwidow Spider
    151MDragon/T-RexPhoenixThe Kraken/King CrabThe Yeti!Pterodactyl
    165MLand Monster
    Sea MonsterIce MonsterGiant Scorpion
    1710MBlack Dragon

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