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    Slitherio App Game

    Slitherio app is popular multiplayer online game which is somewhat like previously popular game Snake. This is quite an addictive game.
    Slitherio app is known to be such an android game application which is getting tremendously popular day by day for all the right reasons. This is nothing but a multiplayer browser game which was developed by Steve Howse. In this game, you are supposed to control a kind of worm which is to consume multi-coloured pellets.

    More About Slitherio App

    The said worm is there to consume the colour pellets in order to constantly grow in size. The first and foremost purpose in this game is to make the worm grow in its longest size possible. Slitherio app game is known to be somewhat similar in the concept to a previous web game named Agar.io which was released in the year 2015. On the other hand, this worm game is vastly a reminiscent of the previous popular arcade game Snake. The basic purpose of both these games is same, to grow the snake as much as possible.

    slitherio app
    The Ever-growing Popularity and Promotion
    • This worm game, from its nascent stage got popular due to various reasons. First of all, various prominent YouTube have mentioned this game in their video. PewDiePie is such a YoutTuber who did this. This YouTuber is known to be the most followed channel on YouTube, hence the game got huge popularity since then.

    • The game eventually topped the Google App Store after its immediate release for obvious reasons. On the other hand, the browser version of this game was eventually ranked by the Alexa as one of 1000 most visited websites in the month of July, 2016. The iOS version of slither.io app was the most downloaded app out there.

    • Overall the reception of this game was quite positive. The viewers praised the customization and appearance of this game. On the other hand, they criticized the game for the low replay value. The advertisements were another concern. Viewers were required to pay high prices for removing the advertisement.

    Slitherio Mobile Version

    Three control schemes were there on Android and iOS applications. The first one is ‘’Classic’’, the snake is likely to follow finger of the player. Then there is ‘’Joystick’’, left thumb is to control the snake properly utilizing a virtual joystick as well as right thumb successfully makes the snake go faster. The third control scheme is ‘’Arrow’’, it is nothing but a joystick but a kind of arrow above snake’s head which basically indicates direction to which the snake is moving. In the year 2016, the mobile version of slitherio app allows players to play this game offline.

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