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    Slither.io Bot Mod, Bot Hack On Google Chrome Web Store

    Slither.io is the name of an eminent multiplayer io snake game online that has been successful in keeping players hooked and occupied for hours! At the present, you can locate magnificent Slither.io Mods for experiencing a greater number of astounding features!

    In-Game Features

    • Zooming in & out
    • Creating/Joining Party (playing with pals)
    • Pressing of B for opening of menu
    • Chatting online
    • making of your individual skins
    • Customizing of your skins
    • Bots for auto-play
    • Showing your existing location
    • monitoring FPS by making use of FPS counter
    • Following the pal’s server’s IP using your existing one
    • Joining the IP of your pal
    • Selecting the usual backdrop for fixing of low-end system
    • Reducing of the flow for helping out low systems
    • Playing this game with your pals
    • Saving of every nick and setting
    • Snake Skin revolver for shutting off/ on of rotator
    • Backdrop changer
    • Respawning
    • Returning to the game’s main menu on dying
    • Live update
    • Mod option
    • Shutting off/on of the HUD
    • Resetting of zoom
    • And more

    Slither.io Mod Having Bot

    The Slither.io bot mod is intelligent and does not die easily. The features that this mod allows are all listed below.
    • By making use of T you have the option of toggling bot on/off
    • By making use of Y you can unlock bot line, feeler seeing.
    • By making use of R you can initiate mechanical Respawning
    • With Z you have the option of Resetting Zoom
    • By making use of A or S you have the option of increasing or decreasing Bot Radius
    • By making use of M/N keys you can Zoom in/ zoom out
    • By making use of R/E keys you can alter skin
    • Pressing of Q will take you to Quit Menu
    • Pressing of W is going to initiate Auto Skin spinner


    Automatic Bot Controls it selfs
    More Clever Bot.
    He eats foods and not die easily
    [T] You can Toggle Bot on/off
    [Y] You can open bot line, sensor seeing.
    [R] Automatic Respawning
    [Z] Reset Zoom
    [A / S] Keys for Bot Radius +/-
    [N / M] Keys for Zoom in/out
    [E / R] Keys For Change Skin
    [Q] Quit Menu
    [W] Auto Skin Rotator
    [1,2,3,4,5,6] Keys for extra adds.
    + Mouse Whell zoom in/zoom out
    + X-Y Coordinates



    Ermiya Eskandary & Théophile Cailliau (ErmiyaEskandary & FliiFe)
    Licensed under the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0
    Read LICENSE.md for more info.

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