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    Top 10 Slither.io Skins in September

    Previously, new computer games requires a high-tech and expensive hardware. However, there are new types of video games which are slither.io and others broke the rule at the moment. Thus, many players found the funny game in which they can play with low-cost computer. In addition, you can select high and low graphic options when you are playing slither.io.
     Slither.io players have been gaining new records in the game day by day that you can see in Youtube. Some players are using mods and skins for good ranking in leaderboard. In this article, we shared top 10 slither.io skins. We want to increase their level of entertainment when gamers are playing the game. We presented to players glorified game plugin. They have opportunities to say their feedbacks, comments to our facebook page and website.

    Top 10 Slither.io Skins in September

    It is our fourth popular top 10 slither.io skins list which based on the datas of September. The lists are made according to the percentages in the google play store and normal slithere.com mods analytics. The characters who you love or your own design to enter the next month list so you must increase your playing percentages for your skins. We hope that you will enjoy more when you use these skins which are created by users and our programmer members. Besides, if you want to create your skin and share to other players, you can send and share your skins on our Facebook page. Then, people will play with your skins which may enter the top 10 slither.io skins. We thank all our mods users and youtuber who are using our slither.io mods in your videos.
    1. King
    2. Slithere.com Snake
    3. Ninja
    4. Papa Smurf
    5. Instagram

    6. Rome Gladiator
    7. FC Bayern München
    8. Pikachu
    9. Super Mario
    10. Minions

    Next Top 10 Slither.io Custom Skins

    This sorting is done according to the most popular skins. These skins will support you gaining more points and enjoyable game. Ranking of popular skins will be held every month. Also, if you want your own skins to share in slither.io mod, you can contact us with slithere.com facebook page. At the end of October it will be held next month ranking which name is Top 10 Slither.io Skins In October.

    Send us your own slither.io custom skins and everyone will play with your custom slither.io skin

    For October.

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