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    Top 10 Slither.io Skins January 2020

    Slither.io was a small-scale game when it was introduced to the players 8 months ago, but it has become a game that everyone plays fondly. After a certain period of time, the number of players and the number of players increased in slither.io. In addition, it is a suitable game for people of all ages. Many players recorded videos of slither.io for their YouTube channels with slither.io mod. When the game was released, we thought what kind of features we could bring for this game. We have decided to publish and develop free slither.io mods and skins for all players to increase their amount of entertainment. In this article, we will tell you our top 10 slither.io skins january 2020 list which sorted by our analytical data.

     Top 10 Slither.io Skins January 2020

    The first popular slither.io skin is that Santa Claus that we know from the winter months. The second popular slither.io skin is police. The third popular slither.io skin is Red Angry Bird which is one of the most important characters of Angry Birds game and the most nervous one. Besides, the list is sorted regarding playing percentage in google play store and slithere.com mods data. We hope that you will enjoy playing slither.io when you have unique skins which are created by users and our programmer team. If you want to create your skin and share out to other players, you can send and share your slither.io skins on our Facebook contact page.
    1. Santa Claus
    2. Police
    3. Red Angry Bird
    4. Turtle Clan
    5. Santa Claus Sleigh

    6. Minecraft Pink Sheep
    7. Christmas Hat
    8. Jumbo Youtube
    9. Shrek
    10. Minecraft Purple Sheep

    Finally, we recommend you to follow our site and our slither.io mod for new skin throughout the year. You can always find new and updated skins in our slither.io mod because our purpose is providing free slither.io skins and slither.io mod as much as possible.

    Send us your own slither.io custom skins and everyone will play with your custom slither.io skin

    For February 2020.

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