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    Wormax.io App is on Google Play!

    Wormax.io App launched on Google Play!

    Finally we have the good news for those who love to play wormax.io in their free times. The wormax.io app is now available on the Android devices and Google Play. According to the rumors the wormax.io app will be released for the iOS devices soon. Right now it is being developed by the developers to meet the iOS users with the game too.

    According to our tests the game well developed for the mobile platforms and you can have great time with the wormax.io app however you should not forget that you do not have a stable internet connection while you are playing the games through your mobile phones. This is why you may experience some lag issues. In the event that you will suffer from this trouble consider connecting to Wi-Fi in order to prevent such cases.

    We have been waiting the wormax.io app for a long time where we will have quite enjoyable moments with our alien snakes. In the event that you have the most recent models of some phones you will be surprised about the graphics of the game whenever you speed up by tapping twice on your screen. It is truly awesome!

    Let us know if you may experience any problems on running the wormax.io app by leaving a comment to this article so we will try our best to help you. Since the wormax.io app has launched very newly there may be some system problems that you can experience such as the abort of the game however the developers will fix these problems with few updates soon. Do not forget to update your wormax.io app by checking the updates sections regular on the market.

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