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    Wormax.io Quests

    In this article, we are going to discuss the wormax.io quests feature in the game. You will find a button with the word “quests” in the main menu’s upper right corner. This button has a couple of states. One state does not have any exclamation mark for no reward on offer while the other has an exclamation mark on a minimum of a single reward on offer.

    Wormax.io Quests – Its Branches

    The number of branches of wormax.io quests is 4. They are:
    1. For gaining a definite length in a single battle,
    2. For gaining a definite number of kills overall in a single or more than a few battles,
    3. For collecting definite numbers of boosters overall in a single/ more than a few battles,
    4. For keeping your location in the leading 10 for a definite time overall in a single / more than a few battles.

    The Way In Which Wormaxio Quests Work
    • Players have the freedom of completing/finishing all of the 4 wormax.io quests branches concurrently.
    • In the event of a player having completed/finished the conditions of over a single quest from diverse branches in a combat, every one of them is going to be considered as completed or finished and the player is going to have the freedom of taking the rewards.
    • In the event of a player having completed/finished the conditions of a present and a subsequent quest from the identical branch in a combat just the initial quest is going to consider finished. An instance of such a situation is when the present quest’s 5 kills, the one after that is 10 kills, with the player having killed 15 worms in a single battle.
    • Players could be given Premium, temporary artefacts & essence in the form of rewards for completing or finishing the quests.

    • The advancement for a definite branch is not going to be considered or counted till the player has taken the reward for that branch.

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