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    Bark Park cheats, expert tips to win every game

    Bark Park is a game about being a dog, peeing, pooping, and causing general mayhem with other dogs, but with a competitive edge. That is the most appealing pitch for a game I have heard since third-person shooting while riding dinosaurs.

    In Bark Park you'll be competing against other players online in order to get the edge, and it's a classic game of domination. There are five trees in the park, and your job is to drink plenty of water from the fountain, and then run over to the trees to pee on them more than the other dogs. Simple, right?

    There's a bunch of power-ups and strategies to keep in mind while playing, but the basic gameplay is simple enough. Now that you know what the goal is, it's time for some advanced tips for playing Bark Park.

    Download Bark Park if you haven't already, and stay on Pocket Gamer for more great free games to play on Android and iOS.

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