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    App Army Assemble: Hello Human - Are this quirky puzzler's brainteasers satisfying to solve?

    Hello Human is a puzzle game that's been created by solo developer Russell King. It sees players interacting with an AI that's keen to learn more about humans by asking to solve a series of puzzles. Our App Army are well-versed in the world of puzzlers so we sent them in to find out how the game is.
    Here's what they had to say:


    Hello Human is a puzzle game with a minimal look and humour that feels like it was ripped out of Portal and then whittled down to its minimum. If you have ever played the calculator game on mobile, it’s a bit like that. It’s a very short game, if you are into puzzles then it will take you less than an hour to complete.
    It would take you less time if it wasn’t for some frustrating levels where you have to guide a ball from one part to another which aren’t really a puzzle level, these levels just seem to be there to frustrate and play into the humour of the game where the AI is there to frustrate or try and humiliate your intelligence, but they are really there also prolong the short game.
    Like the calculator game, the graphics and sound are minimal yet all that is required given the look and feel the developer was trying to achieve. It is one of those games where the puzzles are puzzles until you click how the developer approached the game and the levels, from that point you will instinctively know how to handle each level as the logic or reverse logic becomes pretty consistent.
    If they would have chosen to create different types of puzzles, as in, the logic required to complete the puzzles or way of thinking, it would have slowed down how fast you could complete the overall game, the consistency of the logic applied every level made the levels easier to complete and therefore the game was a much shorter experience. It’s a short game, but it’s not a bad game. If this were £1 or £1.50 then I would say it’s worth the money, any more than that and I would say wait for a sale.

    Max Williams

    A lateral-thinking puzzle game which is very simple, but varied and challenging in places. It has a lot of personality despite the simplicity and short playtime - probably about 80 minutes for me I think

    Michael Purdy

    Ever just feel like being insulted? This is an interesting if simple, puzzle game where the main gimmick is the “AI” is insulting you in every level. Think GLaDOS from Portal or something like that. It is very amusing. Gameplay-wise the game is simple and varied. There are some puzzles, like the one where you need to count backwards and hit the button exactly at zero, that you have to be EXTREMELY precise! I usually play puzzle games to relax. This one was not relaxing!

    Ed Davis

    An interesting take on the puzzle game which argues back. You work your way through a series of not particularly difficult levels whilst being patronised by an obnoxious computer. The game isn’t particularly long and can be completed very easily in one sitting. The puzzles aren’t linked and each one varies quite a lot from the last.

    Oksana Ryan

    This is a puzzle game. It’s difficult to say anything else. The screen displays a computer who gives you puzzles to solve. You solve it and it gives you another challenge. To be fair there is a good selection of puzzles - some obvious, some not so and a couple I think I solved more by luck than talent. The only thing I found boring was the lack of scenery. Except for the challenges the computer has a little facial animation but is otherwise static. Perhaps some changes in the background or the like would have worked. However, this game is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a brain workout.

    Dries Pretorius

    Hello Human is a short puzzle game where no two levels are exactly the same, some solutions are quite obscure and most of the times I got thrown were when solutions required tapping outside the play area. While many puzzle games on iOS rely on elegantly designed puzzle craft, which grow increasingly more complex as new elements are gradually introduced.
    Hello Human relies on randomness and quirky humour as your primary drive to continue becomes the eliciting of streams of abuse from your AI host and dungeon master. It is by no means a great puzzle game in the way of Splitter Critters or Cosmic Express. But it is a fun bit of entertainment that won’t strain your noodle overly much.

    Robert Maines

    Hello Human is a simple one-screen puzzle game with no instructions. Every screen you are given a task by an AI and you need to work out where you need to tap or stroke the touch screen to solve the task and progress. The comments the ‘AI’ makes add some interest to a very basic game. With its low number of levels, it’s a game you will complete quickly, but it will entertain you for a while.

    Roman Valerio

    I had a serious intention to complete this game before getting down to write a review, but I am stuck on one of the levels, so here we go. It should be noted that this is one of the very few iOS games released this year that I actually had fun playing. Despite its very plain look and the concept, which is not so ground-breaking at all, this is the very game that really shines on mobile and can be picked up and played at any time and any place.
    In Hello Human you are tasked with solving simple puzzles, which require quick thinking, good reflexes, attention to details or all of the above combined together. You are "pushed forward" by a very talkative AI, which does not miss a chance to make snide and sarcastic remarks, pointing out how stupid, worthless and incompetent you are. As a result, my feelings have been hurt beyond any repair and now I am completely certain that all I am capable of doing in this life is gobbling pizzas while chilling on a couch and watching unpretentious TV shows on Netflix.
    As I was told there are a little bit more than 40 levels in this wonderful game and in this respect, I am somewhat doubtful if the price tag of $2.99 is justified here. If you are fine with everything that was said above, feel free to give it a go and find out if you are smart enough to beat that annoying AI.

    JT Hernandez

    A puzzle game with 41 levels. Push buttons, roll balls, whatever you have to do to make all the panels light up to get you to the next level. Meanwhile, an "AI" sends you quirky messages to give hints or funny little distractions. The game is quirky, fun, and pretty easy to beat in about an hour.

    Paul Manchester

    Aperture Science just called and they want their AI back... Ok, so there is definitely a feel of Portal's GLaDOS as you make your way through the game's puzzles as an eerie emotionless computer tries to thwart your efforts. The interaction brings character and humour to what would otherwise be a short generic puzzler. Whilst there is a variation to the puzzles on offer, at only 40ish levels this game cannot be accused of overstaying its welcome.
    I managed to complete the game in around 30 minutes and I think this also reflects the lack of any real difficulty or challenge. I did enjoy the AI interactions but not sure I would have wanted to plough through many more similar levels, certainly, its short life span and simple puzzles mean it won't be for more hardcore puzzle fans. However, if you're bored on a train, there are worse ways to spend half an hour. Anyone for cake?

    Mark Abukoff

    This is a pretty simple but entertaining puzzler. A variety of taps (spoiler alert: or not taps) or moving your finger along the touch screen in the right way to eventually make the board all white while the funny little computer teases you along the way. As puzzlers go it’s not too difficult. Just takes persistence and patience and in cases, learning how the puzzle mechanics work.
    Sharp graphics and good sounds are pluses. Might be me but I found the controls a tiny bit imprecise at times. And in one puzzle I never really figured it out, but random taps all around the screen solved it. I still don’t know how I got past that level. Overall it’s different enough and doable enough for me to recommend.

    Glenn Goldberg

    Hello Human has a minimalistic interface. Tap, drag, double-tap, etc. Its a cross between Warioware (short mini-games with no explanation of rules of the level ) and a logic puzzler. The levels are quick, and pretty basic, as far as control goes. But be prepared, some of the puzzles require some serious lateral thinking and trial and error. Russel tries to change things up with some platforming and shooter elements, but those are the least interesting levels and can get frustrating for people with fine motor skill issues.
    The game also has a warped sense of humour that made me smile a few times. I would recommend this game but there is an issue that can’t be ignored right now...$2.99 for less than an hour of gameplay seems a pretty steep price. The game ends on a note that begs more levels to be added, but I can’t recommend it at the moment. Given a price drop and/or a ton of added levels would change my opinion, but right now...keep an eye on this cute puzzler, but don’t jump just yet.

    Matthew Jay

    As an avid video game player and reviewer, a game either motivates me to continue playing or it does not. Hello Human was a bust. I expected to play a minimalistic puzzler with a humorous AI. It turns out, Hello Human was more like an obscure IQ test. If you like obscure IQ tests, you will find Hello Human worth your time. You will also find Hello Human’s retro monochromatic theme charming.

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