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    Bullet Echo: Hints and Tips to help you illuminate in this night shooter

    Bullet Echo is probably one of the more unique shooting games you'll play. It's a classic, top-down multiplayer gamer where the last team standing wins. But, what really makes this ZeptoLab game stand out, is how it approaches its visual presentation, and how it affects gameplay.
    You play each match in the dark, and the only way you can get kills is by shining your light on your enemies. It's a PvP heavy game so you'll be taking on players from all over the globe. Along the way, you'll find items in the middle of a game that can benefit you.
    Also, you'll see things like treasures to snatch more items and even unlock new characters. Boxes and other objects can be used as cover. It's a game that's all about vision and precision and we give you some tips on how to perform well on this dark battlefield. 

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