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    Driving Zone 2: Tips to help you enjoy the open road

    Driving Zone 2 is a simulation game that's all about driving on the open road. You can choose from different cars, and then choose which area you want to drive in. You can even choose if you want to ride during the day or at night.
    And like with most driving games, you can choose your camera angles too. This game has quite a few to select from. Whether it's first-person, third-person, fourth-person, or even over the shoulder (the guy who's driving looks like Agent 47 from Hitman), there's plenty to choose from if you're someone who enjoys different points of view.
    Yes, the game can be fairly relaxing at times, but it is a simulation, so you do need to be careful. Or, you can be as wild as you want to be and make the roads into your playground while driving forward. Just don't crash. Here are a few tips for your big road trip.

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