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    Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross full character tier list and stats breakdown

    Everything you need to know about every character in the game

    The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is one of the best looking, and most interesting anime games we've seen on mobile, well, ever, and as a result it has been downloaded millions of times already.
    But we know what you dedicated gacha RPG fans want - you need to know which characters are the best in the game, so you know when to keep pulling, and when to reroll.
    • Console-quality anime gaming on mobile: Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross preview
    Right here we're going to list every single Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross character, including a couple which haven't been introduced into the game yet, and rank them in a definitive tier list of how powerful and useful you will find them in the future.
    It'll be tough to choose between all of the characters to build your team, but of course, pick characters that are high in our tier list for guaranteed success.
    With the waffle out of the way, see below for our complete list of all Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross characters, their stats, where they sit on the tier list, and more.

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